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Grades 7&8 
Science- Denise Friant
Math- Turner Huston
Social Studies- Leann Fisher
Language Arts- Theo Lucas-Wallace

Physical Education- Shane Hutchings

Art- Laura Devin

Guidance- Cameron Reny

Music- Cynthia Streznewski

Spanish- Jean Twomey

Health- Mary McCauley

Life Skills
Grade 3-5 - Rachel Garland
Grade 6-8 - Jonathan Fisk




Recognizing that the success of public education is essential to our promising future, the community of Woolwich Central School embraces the principles of Relationships, Rigor and Perseverance as defined below:


Exemplify the Woolwich Way at all times and promote these values in others


Aspire to high standards

Be creative, critical and reflective thinkers

Collaborate with others to produce quality work


Take risks and strive to maximize individual potential