Cancellations and Early Dismissals

SNOW DAYS:   If during the winter weather, roads are not safe, schools will be closed for the day.  In addition to an automated phone call to each household, notice of this will be made on TV Channels 6, 8 and 13 beginning at 5:30 a.m.  School cancellations can also be heard over the following radio stations:  WGAN 560 AM; WCLZ 98.9 FM; WPOR 101.9 FM; WJTO 730 AM; WMGX 93.1 FM.  Please remember that our schools are listed under RSU 1, not individual towns

EARLY DISMISSAL:  There could be times when the winter weather warrants the early closing of school.  While early dismissals happen very infrequently, we want you to be prepared for such an event.   Notice of early dismissals will appear on TV Channels 6, 8 and 13 and radio stations WGAN 560 AM; WCLZ 98.9 FM; WPOR 101.9 FM; WJTO 730 AM & WMGZ 93.1 FM.  We ask that families stay tuned to these stations during inclement weather.


News Channel Links

WCSH6   News Center 6 can send you a text alert when your school is closed.  Text Alert Link




School Closings and Delays will also be broadcast on our website and through an automated phone call to the Household Phone.  


Recognizing that the success of public education is essential to our promising future, the community of Woolwich Central School embraces the principles of Relationships, Rigor and Perseverance as defined below:


Exemplify the Woolwich Way at all times and promote these values in others


Aspire to high standards

Be creative, critical and reflective thinkers

Collaborate with others to produce quality work


Take risks and strive to maximize individual potential