Food Services

School Lunch Policy



It is anticipated that school meals will be paid for in advance. Parents can prepay on their account by sending a check to the school or by paying at Charging meals is a courtesy extended to the student and should not occur on a regular basis. It is the policy of RSU 1 to allow students in grades K-8 to charge meals on an occasion when money is unavailable and the student would have to miss meal service. Only meals can be charged, not a la carte. Students at the high school are not allowed to charge meals at all. Students in grades K-8 charge no more than three meals. Any student denied the ability to charge a regular meal will be provided at no cost with a choice of a peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwich with milk. Students who are denied meals will be referred to the administration and their parents will be encouraged to apply for free and reduced price meals. Adopted: October 28, 2013



If at any time you should have a change of financial circumstances, please be sure to fill out a Free/Reduced form, which is available at the school office, or on our website under “Food Service”. Please take advantage of this opportunity for meals for your child.


Recognizing that the success of public education is essential to our promising future, the community of Woolwich Central School embraces the principles of Relationships, Rigor and Perseverance as defined below:


Exemplify the Woolwich Way at all times and promote these values in others


Aspire to high standards

Be creative, critical and reflective thinkers

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