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After lots of discussion, and with the help and support of SO many community members, staff members, and Allison Hepler, we are able to complete our walking tunnel mural project.

On Tuesday May 29th, EVERY STUDENT at Woolwich Central School will travel to the walking tunnel to place their handprint on the trees that were created by community members a few weeks ago. 

We even made the news!! Check out the broadcast here: WGME News 13


Here's a note from Mrs. Devin!

If you have been following the news lately, you will know we had planned a mural in conjunction with the town. The MDOT stopped it for awhile but we have discussed it with them and they have approved this ONE mural in all the state of Maine! WOW!

Our plan is to do this on the originally scheduled date, Tuesday, May 29th. The students have been paired up, bigs with littles, and will go two classes at a time by bus. They will print their hand prints with house paint on the trees, representing leaves.

If you have a chance between now and then, please take a walk through the tunnel and see what we have so far. The wavy blue lines represent the Kennebec river and the trees represent the forests of Woolwich.

If you would like to volunteer on that day to help with logistics and painting, please contact Ms. Devin at ldevin@rsu1.org   We can use help any time during the event.  If you have not done so, please fill out a Volunteer Registration Form, available on our website or from the office.


And an INCREDIBLY huge thank you to Jack Shaw & Sons and Bath Bus Service for splitting the cost of the busses to take all the students over to the walking tunnel!! We can not thank you enough! What an amazing community we live in!

Read a great news article here: The Coastal Journal


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